Andy Baddeley – Olympic Runner

andy baddeley olympic runner

Andy Baddeley is
Britain’s top metric miler,  a double Olympian and a Cambridge Graduate with a 1st Class honours degree in Aerospace Engineering. Oh, and he loves HayMaxTM!

Andy’s hayfever has been increasingly problematic for him both in training and during major races; “Sometimes it isn’t pleasant having to live with my hayfever, especially when it’s at its worst. It’s not a very nice way to enjoy your summer and can be a real pain”, Andy explains. “So I always try to train in sunglasses. I’m also asthmatic, so it’s harder training in the peak season on the track. I suffer from exercise-induced asthma pretty much all the time. It means I have to use medication. And the hayfever tends to exacerbate my asthma”.

andy baddeley olympic runner

“I now use HayMax every day in the summer and I’m definitely going to recommend it to other runners and athletes.”

“Athletes have to be so careful in terms of supplements, food and medication, so having something that’s drug-free is a huge bonus. We’re now 100% responsible for what we put in our body. Because HayMax isn’t a pharmaceutical, it’s ideal. And I’m feeling a lot more positive about the forthcoming season as I won’t be competing against my hayfever.”


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