Ecotricity & HayMax

At HayMax we’re deeply committed to our ethical policy. So we are delighted to announce that we’ve teamed up with Ecotricity, the green energy supplier, to bring you a great offer. Klik hier to go straight to the exciting bit. Otherwise, read on…

Ecotricity schoon zwarte kleine Ecotricity was founded in 1995 with the aim of making a new kind of energy – the green kind. Hard to imagine now, perhaps, but green energy was non-existent in those days. So from being the only green energy company in existence in 1995, Ecotricity not only started a whole new industry, but is now Britain’s leading green energy supplier.

What do HayMax and Ecotricity have in common? Ok, it’s haymax 2000x2000obviously not our product ranges. Or at least, we haven’t so far heard of anyone using HayMax to produce electricity. (But do in contact te komen if you have.) Niet, it’s more about our philosophy. HayMax and Ecotricity both believe in giving great customer service, trading ethically and doing everything wecan to reduce the impact of our businesses on the planet, leaving it clean and fresh for those who come after us.

En HayMax, we buy organic, Fairtrade & in the UK wherever we can, try to keep our mileage down, practice the three Rs – reduce, re-use and recycle – and trade ethically. Ecotricity makes green electricity & Britain’s greenest gas, aims for great customer service and uses ethical pricing.

And here’s the best bit Switch to Ecotricity and we’ll send you a selection of 4 HayMax 5ml products absolutely free en Ecotricity will make a £20 donation to Allergy UK.

Use code HAY1 when signing up.

To make the switch, klik hier.