HayMax Etik

OUR ETHICS – hvad gør vi det er godt?

  • We buy in the UK when we can
  • We buy Organic
  • We buy Fairtrade if possible
  • We try to keep our mileage down
  • Vi praktiserer de tre R'er - Reducer, Re-use, Recycle
  • We trade ethically


We buy local to reduce the cost to the environment, even if it means it costs us a bit more.

ALUMINIUM TINS – Our tins come from London. They can be recycled.carbonspor

PLASTIC POTS – Plastic is one of the hardest materials to recycle. So far, Vi har ikke fundet noget, der vil holde HayMax så den forbliver stabil, der også er genanvendeligt.

Our pots are now made in the UK, which has been great for reducing our carbon footprint.

We are very occasionally asked why our 5ml pots have a recessed/hollow bottom, her er en kort forklaring.

When HayMax first started, Max sourced a small quantity of 5ml pots from a German manufacturer. Disse potter kiggede afrundet og sød, men også var 'dobbeltvægget’ which meant that there was a small 5ml pot inside a larger pot. Som en del af Max drev til at blive mere miljøvenlige fandt han en producent af potter baseret i England og var glad - det skulle være grønnere end skibsfart potter hele vejen fra Tyskland! Eller fra Kina - hvilket ville være billigere, men ikke godt for miljøet. The only downside of this change of pot was the recessed bottom. The 5ml quantity of the product has never changed.

ORGANIC INGREDIENTS – We source ingredients locally where possible. We buy the ingredients for HayMax from UK businesses if we can.

  • We use Fairtrade beeswax
  • We prefer the smell of French Lavender so we use this by choice, but we are open to similar smells from the UK. It is organic.
  • So far, we have not found anything else that we like as much which is also organic.


We RECYCLE envelopes and boxes in the office.recycle-logo lille

We RE-USE boxes, even if it means they look a bit scruffy. Vi tror, ​​det er bedre end at købe nye.

We never throw paper away. We use both sides and then we shred it and RE-USE it for packaging. We also shred envelopes and RE-USE padded envelopes.


Hos HayMax synes vi, det er virkelig vigtigt at gøre vores bit. Vi er ikke i råbe om vores velgørende donationer, men her er en runde op.

HayMax is a proud supporter of the British Allergy Foundation 'Allergi UK‘ the leading national charity dedicated to supporting the estimated 21 million allergikere i Storbritannien. They also provide a dedicated helpline, support network and online forum for those with allergy and intolerance.They also help and support to educate health care professionals who work with patients with allergic conditions.

HayMax has pledged a donation every year for four years to the Organic Trade Board, supporting growth of sustainable, organic industry in the UK.

Action Against Allergy and the Anaphylaxis Campaign are both very important to HayMax and HayMax works to support them in any way that we can.

Ad hock donations to marathon runs, fun runs and community events are made throughout the year, as well as raffle prizes for fundraising events.


Vi ved, at når du er i erhvervslivet tvister vil uundgåeligt opstå - det er bare den måde, det er. But we think there is a right and wrong way to handle any issues when they crop up.

We have never resorted to using lawyers or going to court to resolve any problems. We prefer to talk to people directly and sort things out amicably. Vi mener det er den rigtige måde at gøre tingene.

We believe that if you treat people with respect they will treat you accordingly. This principle underpins our beliefs and how we work.