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The Devon Allergy Clinic

Marlene Hochstrasser is the Clinical Director of the Devon Allergy Clinic which was established in 2006. She qualified as a Registered General Nurse & Midwife & has a University Diploma in Allergy from Grenwich University with working links with Allergy UK & the Eczema Society.

The Devon Allergy Clinic can help you with a wide range of problems including; allergies and food hypersensitivities, intolerances and digestive disorders.

Visita el sitio web de la ClĂ­nica de Alergia Devon

Clínica de Alergia Devon



Julie Silver, Nutritional Therapist and Vitality Fairy! Julie is a qualified nutritional therapist, with extensive knowledge in the health and wellness field. Si usted tiene niveles de energía lentas, would love some healthy living ideas or are in need of some serious inspiration then Julie is your woman! Julie regularly writes for national press as an authority on her subject. Echa un vistazo a su libro "Despertar de Alimentos’ which is now published on Amazon for Kindle – MÁS DETALLES
The Vegetarian Society HayMax is a Vegetarian Society Approved product, which means that it contains no animal products and has never been tested on animals. The Vegetarian Society offer support and advice to families, individuals, caterers and many others on the topic of vegetarianism. We offer a discount to all vegetarian society members, so keep an eye on the quarterly magazine to find the discount code! Visite la Sociedad Vegetariana
Organic Trade Board La Junta de Comercio Orgánico (OTB) has one mission: to grow organic sales in the UK. They do this by communicating the benefits of organic directly with consumers via their organic promotion campaign. They also work with their members, the press, government and other bodies to help increase organic sales. logo-otb-large
Purepotions Purepotions began trying to help a little girl find a safe, effective, dry skin treatment. With much determination and experimentation, Natalie developed a natural salve in her own kitchen, utilizando una combinación de hierbas y aceites que mejoró dramáticamente la condición de la piel seca de su hija. The success of her salve then inspired her to create a range of natural baby products and first aid rescue products, equally effective and made from 100% natural ingredients. We love Purepotions. Visita Purepotions
Qu-Chi La acupresión Banda Qu-Chi es tan simple que la gente ha dicho que están muy sorprendidos de que no ha estado disponible comercialmente antes. It is a natural and drug-free way that acupuncturists believe help with the symptoms of hay fever and allergic rhinitis. Ir a la página web Qu-Chi
Salt-Pipe On sale in UK and across the world for over 6 años, the original, patented Cisca Saltpipe is a natural product aiming to give relief from breathing problems. Invented in Hungary, this dry salt inhaler contains Halite salt crystals which were formed around 20 million years ago in Hungarian and Transylvanian salt caves visita Saltpipe
Lallergy UK Allergy UK es la organización benéfica nacional líder dedicada a apoyar a la estimada 21 millones de víctimas de la alergia en el Reino Unido. Proporcionan un dedicado helpline, support network and online forum para las personas con alergia e intolerancia. Visita Allergy UK
Soil Association The UK’s leading member charity campaigning for healthy, humane and sustainable food. sa_organic_black high res copy