The HayMax Story

From hayfever sufferer to success.

HayMax™ was started by Max Wiseberg, who had suffered from hayfever all his life.

Max wonky head shotMax had tried all available remedies for his hayfever with limited or no success, until coming across what later became HayMax™. It was simple and it worked! See Max interviewed by Janey Lee Grace

After a couple of years using it successfully, Max had the time to do some research. Very simply, he discovered that in hayfever sufferers, pollen entering the body through the nose triggers a reaction. The body’s reaction is to produce histamines.

Histamines are the things which, when you’ve got too much of them, cause the runny nose, the sneezing, the sore and itching eyes and ears and all the other things hayfever sufferers know so well.

Max also found out that histamines are the things in our brains which help to keep us alert, attentive and awake. Suddenly it became clear why anti-histamines can make us drowsy, or affect our performance.

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Each person has their own level of pollen they can cope with before they start to react. So Max, a hayfever sufferer, didn’t need much pollen to make him sneeze. And someone who is not a hayfever sufferer could end up sneezing if you blew a large amount of pollen up their nose. So if Max could reduce the amount of pollen entering the nose, his hayfever might not trouble him so much. It all made sense! He consulted qualified aromatherapists to ensure the essential oils used would have the best chance of improving the product without presenting any possible harm. As a result of his research, his consultations and experimentation, he produced a completely natural balm which worked as an effective pollen barrier* balm (some people call HayMax a cream, barrier gel or nasal balm).

He conducted limited trials, and all respondents say HayMax™ works. You can see the results of the trial (and subsequent successful trials by the University of Worcester) on this web site. Read what others say on the testimonials page.

HayMax – Early Days

In 2006 HayMax™ became ORGANIC across the entire range, launched the new product –

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HayMax Pure™, was approved by the Vegetarian Society, and…… HayMax™ picked up its first award. It was voted BEST PRODUCT ORGANIC by the Health Food Institute’s panel of judges. (The Institute is a non-profit organisation devoted to providing high quality training for all health food retailers and their staff; thus raising standards of service to consumers and in turn raising awareness of the potent value of wholefoods. natural products, herbal remedies, and vitamin and mineral supplements). The health food industry welcomed HayMax™ products into its shops so people could now buy HayMax™ on the high street.

In 2007 Waitrose launched HayMax™ in most of their stores and many independent chemists and pharmacies started selling HayMax™ too.

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In 2008 Boots, Tesco and The co-operative pharmacies welcomed HayMax™ into their stores and Boots ran a countrywide promotion on HayMax™ with huge window posters in every shop, which was very successful.

In 2009 Lloyds pharmacies and Holland and Barrett decided to stock HayMax™ in their stores too, and HayMax™ launched their new product HayMax Aloe Vera™ .

Also in 2009, The National Pollen and Aerobiology Research Unit at the University of Worcester carried out independent studies in a controlled room which proved that HayMax trapped ‘significantly more pollen than an uncoated nostril’. To read more about the study, click here.

In 2010 Asda launched HayMax™ in over 350 stores, which is just about all their stores in the UK!

In 2011, new trials were conducted at the National Pollen and Aerobiology Research Unit at the University of Worcester, which showed that HayMax did not only trap 1/3 of pollen, but also trapped dust and pet allergens before  they entered the body. Max had always thought that this would be the case, but refused to promote the use of HayMax™ for this purpose until he had proof that it could trap these airborne allergens.

This is why you will sometimes see us refer to ‘Allergen Barrier Balms’ and sometimes to ‘Pollen Barrier Balms’ or ‘Pollen Blockers’.  Now that we have solid proof that HayMax traps dust and pet allergens as well as pollen, we can begin making the transition towards changing our packaging, advertising and website to match.

For results of the trial, click here.

In 2014, the study conducted by Allergy UK (the leading national charity dedicated to supporting the estimated 21 million allergy sufferers in  the UK) revealed that HayMax helps 8/10 people who try it. Read the report here!

In 2016, HayMax continues to be one of the leading drug-free brands in the hay fever category and over 10 years has gained 42 (and still counting) awards including The Prima Baby & Pregnancy Awards 2015 and The Soil Association Organic Awards 2014. Click here to see our other awards!

Disclaimer – HayMax™ does not claim to cure, relieve or help hay fever, dust or pet allergies. It is not a medicine or drug. It is a preventative nasal balm made from natural substances. It does not modify or correct physiological functions in human beings.

HayMax™ helps to reduce the incidence of allergens in the body which cause hay fever, dust and pet allergies. Unlike pharmaceutical products, HayMax™ has no drowsy side effects and no prescription is required.

*   Studies have now proven HayMax to trap dust and pet allergens, as well as more than 1/3 pollen before it enters the  body. That’s why sometimes you will see it called an ‘allergen barrier balm’ and other times a ‘pollen barrier balm’, ‘nasal balm’ or ‘pollen blocker’. Now that we have solid proof that HayMax traps dust and pet allergens as well as pollen, we can begin making the transition towards changing our packaging, advertising and website to match.