Hayfever-Friendly Holidays

Looking for hayfever-friendly holidays?

Follow these top tips

If you’re going abroad:

Click Here for Interactive Pollen Map of Europe

  • Choose somewhere with low rainfall. High rainfall means lots of lovely, lush vegetation. The more vegetation, the higher the pollen. So choose a dry country for your most hayfever-friendly holiday.
  • Egypt is the world’s driest country. Predominantly desert, only a tiny proportion of Egypt’s land is cultivated, so there’s very little pollen. Luxor, a popular Egyptian holiday destination, is one of the driest places in the world.
  • Look for coastal resorts (wherever you are in the world). Strong onshore winds blow pollen inland, leaving the coast clear for hayfever sufferers. Some possibilities:
    • The Algarve in Portugal
    • France’s west coast
    • The Italian lakes and the west coast
    • Costa del Sol, Costa Almeria and Costa Dorada in Spain
    • Some of the larger Greek islands

If you’re staying in the UK:

  • Stay away from cities as the pollen stays in the air longer (because of fumes released by cars and industry).
  • Mountain areas generally have lower pollen counts than others, so Scotland and Wales are great choices. And both Scotland and Wales have frequent rain, which can help to keep the pollen below head height, out of harm’s way.
  • Keep to the coast! Onshore winds from the ocean blow the pollen inland making the coast a better place to avoid pollen.

Top tips for avoiding hay fever on holiday:

  • Wear sunglasses whilst outside. As well as protecting your eyes from the sunshine, they form a physical barrier which can greatly reduce the amount of allergen reaching your eyes.
  • Keep car and hotel windows closed whenever you can. Use the air conditioning to cool you down instead, and wherever possible set it to recirculating rather than fresh air.
  • Don’t forget your HayMax! If you’re flying, even with current restrictions on hand luggage, a 5ml pot is so tiny it’s easy to get in your bag or pocket. And in the event that it’s considered to be a liquid, it’s well below the 100ml maximum required by the airlines.
  • Check the pollen forecast before going out. Use it to plan your day so that you can avoid high pollen areas as much as possible. And don’t forget your HayMax!

The University of Worcester has some interesting information about hay fever friendly holidays, http://www.worcester.ac.uk/discover/low-pollen-holiday-destinations.html

We found some fantastic information on this website, http://www.goodtogoinsurance.com/holidays-abroad-during-the-hayfever-season