Mix n Match

Research in Australia showed that most people found that most treatments for hay fever did not work very well. If you get hayfever you probably identify with that. Remedies work for a while and then stop working, or they don’t work at all, or they make you feel rotten and you get side effects.

Remedies work for a while and then stop working, or they don’t work at all, or they make you feel rotten and you get side effects.

Or you might find that one hayfever, dust or pet allergy remedy on its own helps reduce your symptoms, but you’re still suffering, even if less so than before.  In that case it could be worth trying different hay fever remedies together – with the appropriate care.  Clearly taking two drugs at the same time without discussing this with your GP would NOT be sensible.

 HayMaxTM  won’t stop all the pollen, dust or pet allergen from entering your body – click here to find out how HayMax works  – so if you need only a very small amount of allergen to have a reaction, then you might find that HayMaxTM reduces your reaction, but doesn’t get rid of it altogether.

In such a case, it will have trapped some of the pollen, dust or pet allergen, so another remedy may have less work to do. So, used in conjunction with other things, for example, a drug treatment like an antihistamine or a nasal spray, it might do the trick and help to successfully combat a medium or strong reaction to a small to medium amount of pollen (or other allergen).

And if you are one of those who only react to very high levels of pollen, dust or pet allergen in your system, then HayMaxTM could work like magic.  Reading the testimonials should give you an idea.

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The most important thing is to stop your symptoms. If you can do that without using drugs then that’s great. You might find that using a combination of treatments works.

Essentially though, it’s all a process of trial and error. You can only find what works best for you by trying different things.

With hay fever, it’s also worth remembering that your sensitivity and symptoms may change from year to year, and certainly throughout the hayfever season as different pollens peak. You may find that your reaction peaks in your late teens and early twenties, and then becomes less severe as you get older. Some people who never suffered from hayfever find that they start to suffer as they get older.

Possible mix n match combinations that might work well together

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Care Allergy Defence and  HayMaxTM– the first blocks the pollen, dust or pet allergen inside your nose, while HayMaxTM traps the allergens at the base of your nose.


Sneeze Beam hay feverand Qu-Chi band –The beam works by sending infra-red beams into your nostrils, inhibiting histamine production while the band works using acupressure principles.


Antihistamines and pollen barrier balms* – the first works by blocking the histamines produced when you react to pollen and the balm reduces the amount of pollen getting into the body.

Pollen barrier balm and steroid nasal spray – a tester for a popular publication found that HayMaxTM worked really well for most of the season, but on days when the pollen count was particularly high, topping up with the steroid spray he had relied on previously did the trick.  He was delighted to be drug-free for most of the season.

Don’t forget there are many other approaches you might try to mix n match, including dietary, herbal, aromatherapy, acupuncture and acupressure – see links to the side of this article for more information on all of these.

*   Studies have now proven HayMax to trap dust and pet allergens, as well as more than 1/3 pollen before it enters the  body. That’s why sometimes you will see it called an ‘allergen barrier balm’ and other times a ‘pollen barrier balm’. Now we have solid proof that HayMax traps dust and pet allergens as well as pollen. Result!