5 Tips to Survive Your Festival

Written by Joey Mills.

With festival season in full swing, si vous ne l'avez pas basculé sur le genou de profondeur dans un champ boueux cet été, chances are you want to. Either that or you are still in a medical facility recovering from whatever Kanye West was trying to do at Glastonbury. Mais si «le plus grand rockstar vivante du monde» ne vous a pas juré de contact humain pour les soixante prochaines années, then I have five tips earnt through battle-hardened experience to get you through your weekend. Sitting back and watching some bands while drinking enough alcohol to make Keith Richards nervous might seem as easy as a GCSE (they were harder in our day, étaient-ils pas?), but believe me there is more to it than meets the bleary eye.


Preparation is everything.

Like those knot-tying do-gooders always told you in the scouts, always be prepared. Obviously everyone will remember the drink, et si quelqu'un oublie leur tente alors peut-être qu'ils ne sont pas le bon type de personne à prendre à un festival. Or to let out unsupervised. But some items often get forgotten.

Food seems like a no-brainer as there will be multiple outlets selling all manner of culinary creations. Peut-être le plus étrange que j'ai jamais rencontré était le "petit coin". Because the often overlooked side dish, the potato wedge, was clearly just screaming out to be the centrepiece of the most important meal of the day. La pomme de terre de coin est essentiellement la salle équivalent de la carrière solo de Ringo Starr. Everyone knows what it is, but nobody ever wants to focus on it for longer than they have to. The main issue with the food trucks is not so much variety but price, et à moins que vous avez envie de prendre un prêt bancaire à manger tous les jours, vous feriez mieux de mettre un couple de Melton Mowbray de tout au moins.

You should also think about possible situations you will face at the festival. Si vous avez le rhume des foins, ne pas oublier votre HayMax allergène barrière de baume et de tout ce qui fonctionne pour vous. Ear plugs are always a winner for when you are trying to sleep, as is hand sanitiser because a lot of people tend to take the toilet soap dispensers home as a souvenir. Vous pouvez rire maintenant, mais juste attendre jusqu'à ce qu'un "Woz Julie à Glasto 06!"Pompe à savon va pour des milliers sur la Antiques Roadshow.

The key is to think beyond the fun bits and take stuff that will benefit you in between the bands and the booze.

Obey the rules.

"Quitter harshing mon homme doux, I just wanna zone out and enjoy myself!»A dit un homme, presumably from the 60s. But it is natural to want to rebel, and you will get plenty of people showing off by disregarding every festival rule. However that is nothing but a really quick way to enjoy your favourite bands set on the radio the next day, when they let you out of the holding cell.

Make sure you read the rules carefully, as some may surprise you. For example despite large-scale consumption of drink being almost encouraged, most festivals forbid glass bottles to be brought onsite. Donc, assurez-vous que vous versez que «citron et de lime cordial" dans une bouteille en plastique avant d'aller en, or you might be politely asked to share it with the dustbin.

Another biggie is pets. It really does not matter how often your Labrador listens to Metallica, il est tout simplement pas autorisé dans. However you are perfectly welcome to bring your spouse in on a leash, comme en témoignent certains de ceux qui regardent l'ensemble de Marilyn Manson à Télécharger cette année. Just make sure you ask before you pet them, il est seulement poli.

Dress up as stuff.

Festivals are a brilliant time to dust off all those costumes you have left over from regrettable nights out and bad Halloweens. The bar is set pretty high at these places, et les gens font certainement plus d'efforts qu'ils ne le font à des boîtes de nuit où la variation semble étirer autant que pré-fixation "sexy" sur le devant des termes aussi inspirant que «infirmière», "Vampire" ou "dactylo".

De imitateurs Oussama Ben Laden offrant des câlins gratuits à "Funtanamo Bay", to a group of four men in facepaint, la tenue d'oignons et de porter des cavaliers rayés se faisant appeler "Kiss français", there is no limit to the creativity you will encounter and it is a lot of fun to be involved with. Donc, dépoussiérer cette banane tenue que vous n'avez pas porté depuis Stacy 18th and join the party.

Be respectful.

This one can be tricky because obviously etiquette differs between different events. While you would be expected to mosh like your life depended on it at a metal festival, les fêtards à l'ensemble de Dolly Parton pourraient ne pas être vous attendent à les headbutt d'une cinquantaine de verges run-up. But in general this tip is about using your common sense to interact with people on a human level. Which sadly disqualifies Kanye West.

Rester hors des tentes de personnes à moins invité, en gardant le bruit dans les premières heures et étant généralement réfrigérés-out et non menaçante ne prend pas beaucoup d'effort, but can be the difference between some people enjoying their festival or never wanting to go again. Sort of like Kanye West.

Enjoy your festival!

You would be surprised at the amount of people who save money all year to afford their ticket before proceeding to sit in their tent for the whole weekend. Sortez et voir un groupe que vous avez jamais vu auparavant. Share a drink with your neighbours. Go and ask what that shady-looking man in the raincoat is selling. Actually, ne jamais faire pas que la dernière.

The important thing is to realise that, for the musically inclined, this is your summer holiday. While your friends are posting endless selfies of their feet on sun loungers and tweeting about #NOCARBSTILMARBS, you get the honour of partying to a load of bands you would normally have to traipse all over the world to see individually. Save that domestic with the other half until when you get home, ne pas frapper votre compagnon parce qu'il avait oublié de la bière, just laugh and make the most of your festival. Because it is yours, et il n'y aura pas une autre. At least not until next year!