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Survey Out Today Shows Hay Fever Having Serious Effect on Life

A new survey, published today, from leading national medical charity Allergy UK, reveals the extent of suffering from hayfever, und die enorme Auswirkung auf Erkrankten täglichen Routinen.

Die Studie, which also surveyed the effectiveness of an allergen barrier balm, found that 89% Heu 'Fieber Erkrankten wurden durch ihre Symptome täglichen Routinen betroffen, whilst 87% said that their symptoms caused sleepless nights. And almost eight out of ten respondents said that the balm helped some or all of their symptoms.

Before the product trial, respondents reported they were mostly suffering with runny nose symptoms, sneezing and itchy/watery/red swollen eyes due to their hay fever. Eine Mehrheit der Teilnehmer beendeten die Studie von HayMax ™ Allergen-Barriere Balsam durch das Produkt bis zu drei Mal am Tag mit ihm in und um ihre Nase zu stoppen Pollen aus, bevor er die Nasenwege eintritt. Three quarters of respondents found it to be effective in reducing their sneezing, with over 60% finding some relief for their runny nose. They also reported the balm helped with their itching and stuffy nose. Overall nearly eight out of ten of those who undertook the trial stated that the product helped some or all of their symptoms. Read the full study HERE.

Lindsey McManus, Deputy CEO, Allergy UK, sagt, dass hayfever "kann für viele Betroffene und haben einen großen Einfluss auf ihr tägliches Leben für längere Zeit des Jahres extrem lähmend sein." Fast 18 million people in the UK suffer with hay fever according to the charity.

July is particularly bad because hay fever is most commonly caused by an allergy to grass pollen which peaks this month.

Hay fever symptoms include:

Frequent sneezing

Blocked or runny nose

Watering eyes

Red or itchy eyes

Dry or itchy throat and mouth

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