Allergie-Awareness Week 2014 – Wir grĂĽĂźen euch!

Allergie-Awareness Week 2014 – Wir grĂĽĂźen euch!

Allergie-Awareness Week 2014 starts on Monday (28th April) and runs until the 5th of May. It’s one of two weeks throughout the year, set up by Allergy UK (the UK’s leading allergy charity), to draw attention to the plight of the allergy sufferer.

There will be an increase in media features, both online and in traditional press, radio discussions and a boom in social media activity. #AllergyWeek on twitter for up-to-the-minute information. (Tune into BBC Radio 3 Counties Radio at 12:30 this Sunday 27th April 2014 to listen to Max Wiseberg -HayMax MD and allergy pro discuss hay fever and preventative measures).

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Most of us have experienced some kind of minor allergic reaction; perhaps to a mosquito bite or to a new washing detergent. But for allergy sufferers that dodge potentially life threatening substances on a daily basis (airborne, edible, touchable, insect bites and stings and even sunlight), normal everyday life can be an huge struggle.

Allergy UK work tirelessly to provide free, expert support in the form of dedicated helplines and online forums for allergy sufferers and their families. They also have a specialist health advisory board (made up of over 30 dedicated members, ranging from Consultant Paediatric Allergists to Allergy Dietitians and experts in the field of asthma and immunology) who are all on call to assist by providing expert medical advice and information for the helpline, website and literature.

The UK’s most prominent allergy charity are committed to conducting ongoing medical and social research into the causes and impact of allergy and food intolerance, and lobby for better allergy services. The £1million “Nurses Appeal” seeks to put allergy specialist nurses into the hearts of communities where support for sufferers is extremely lacking (or non existent).

The British Allergy Foundation (Allergy UK) is governed by a board of trustees and much of the vital work carried out by the charity is entirely dependent on fundraising and charitable donations. To get involved with Allergy Week and beyond, click here to request a fund raising pack. You can start your own event, or get involved with an existing event, either way, your help will be greatly appreciated by the millions of allergy sufferers in the UK.

Click here to visit Allergy UK’s website, it’s packed with seriously helpful stuff.