gardd am ddim Alergedd yn y blynyddoedd hyn 'Sioe Flodau Chelsea

An gardd alergen rhad ac am ddim ei lansio ar hyn o flynyddoedd ' Chelsea Flower Show, which could be great news for hay fever sufferers.

The garden was designed for students at the Prifysgol Caerwrangon. It features flowers which only release a small amount of paill into the air including peonies and irises.

The designer, Olivia Kirk, said she had tried to create a beautiful, low allergen garden where people who suffered from pollen related allergies, like hayfever, could enjoy being outdoors.

PICTURE: Daily Mail

She said: "Y gamp gyda low-allergen gardens is to avoid plants which are wind-pollinated as they tend to have more and lighter paill, sy'n aros yn yr awyr yn haws. "

Mae'r National Pollen and Aerobiology Unit (NPARU) is part of the University. A recent study by Yr Athro Jean Emberlin at the NPARU found that HayMax nose balm traps 98% more pollen than an uncoated nostril.

The garden will be moved to the NPARU at the Univeristy when the show ends.

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