Allergy free garden at this years’ Chelsea Flower Show

An allergen fri haven was launched at this years’ Chelsea Flower Show, which could be great news for høfeber syge.

The garden was designed for students at the University of Worcester. It features flowers which only release a small amount of pollen into the air including peonies and irises.

designeren, Olivia Kirk, sagde hun havde forsøgt at skabe en smuk, low allergen garden where people who suffered from pollen related allergies, ligesom høfeber, kunne nyde at være udendørs.

BILLEDE: Daily Mail

Hun sagde: “The trick with low-allergen gardens is to avoid plants which are wind-pollinated as they tend to have more and lighter pollen, which stay in the air more easily.”

Den National Pollen and Aerobiology Unit (NPARU) er en del af University. A recent study by Professor Jean Emberlin at the NPARU found that HayMax nose balm traps 98% mere pollen end en ikke-coatet næsebor.

The garden will be moved to the NPARU at the Univeristy when the show ends.

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