Botox could help fight hayfever – good news for Aussie hayfever sufferers

Spring has come around again in Australia and New Zealand – and with it comes the all too familiar runny nose, sneezing and other hay fever symptoms.

A new Australian trial will find out if botox can help with hay fever. In the first randomised, controlled trial of Botox for hay fever, participants will have botox applied to the inside of their nose in a gel form.


botox gel

Southern Health director of sleep and respiratory medicine Philip Bardin said botulinum toxin may offer relief by blocking nerve endings in the nasal passage, reducing inflammation and stopping the onset of symptoms. He said the gel was easily applied with a cotton bud to the nasal cavity, where it penetrated the tissue.

If shown to work, the treatment could potentially cut symptoms for up to 90 days before requiring re-application, providing extended relief for hay fever sufferers.

Using HayMax is another way to help with hay fever.  It is an invisible balm applied around the rim of the nostril to block pollen before it enters the body. If it blocks enough pollen to take the sufferer below their ‘trigger’ level then HayMax can stop the user from feeling the effects of hay fever symptoms altogether.