Going Outside: One Small Step

Going Outside: One Small Step

By Joey Mills

So you want to get to fit. Dydw i ddim yn gwneud sylwadau ar eich pwysau darllenydd annwyl, Yr wyf yn golygu Rwy'n siŵr eich bod yn hyfryd. Yn wir, rydych chi'n darllen hwn, felly rhaid i chi fod. But if you do want to get fit, it is easy to let the slightest thing put you off.

For me it is gyms, and the creatures that inhabit them that turn me from fitness freak to, well regular freak. Byddwch yn gweld nad ydych yn gallu ei wneud yn fwy na thri gamau ar draws llawr campfa y dyddiau hyn heb weld harddegau skinny cymryd lluniau Instagram ohonynt eu hunain yn Gym yr Aur ar frig eu mam got oddi ar y farchnad ac yn cyfarth "u hyd yn oed yn codi bro? (sic)"Ar ei gilydd. Yr unig lifft yr wyf am ar ôl hynny yn un i McDonalds, where sure the people are still weird but they know my struggle.

Felly ddim eisiau cyrch casgliad Davina McCall DVD Nan a "mynd merch" yn fy onesie spandex er fy mod yn ddamweiniol roi'r gorau i'r ci dros y soffa, Im 'dim ond' n sylweddol gadael gydag un opsiwn pan ddaw i gael trim. I have to go outside. Nawr rwy'n gwybod beth rydych chi'n meddwl, outside is rubbish. The weather is generally bad even during what passes for a British summer, nad ydych yn gallu ymarfer corff yn eich pants rhag rydych mewn perygl o gael pethau taflu ar chi, and worst of all there is people out there. Real, actual people with their people eyes and people voices, judging you for managing to drag yourself from a Netflix binge long enough to blink in the sunlight like a newborn chimp being extricated from its mother by an overeager zookeeper.

But trust me blogosphere, it is not all bad. For a start you can run away from all the people! Mewn gwirionedd mae'n annog, the further you run the more exercise you have actually done! If you are a binge-watching hermit looking to tone up, outside is actually the best place for you. Peidiwch â credu i mi o 'cinephile bws-marchogaeth? Just think about how many of your favourite films take place outside. Rocky Balboa runs up some steps and now you can too. Forrest Gump runs through decades of American history! Follow him and run reader run! Even The Terminator does much of his menacing stalking outdoors. Just please, no weapons!

Another great reason to get out there and put the work in is the fact that this country might not have nice weather but it does have incredible, historic scenery. Get out and see some of it. Better yet run amongst it, take in the sights and smells of your town and you might just find out some things you never knew about your neighbourhood. Just stay away from some of the more well-known tourist areas, nobody wants to end up on the 6 0'Newyddion cloc i geisio i Gôr y Cewri rhwystr.

So turn off your fifth episode of Breaking Bad of the day, wipe on some HayMax to ward off those pesky outdoor allergens and see some of the world. You never know, you might find it even more thrilling than what Walter White is up to.