Got a hay fever kid? Here’s some welcome news.

Got a hay fever kid? Here’s some welcome news.

HayMax Kids Has Arrived!

Wenn Sie ein Elternteil zu einem der 30% of UK kids with hay fever, Sie sind wahrscheinlich nur allzu bewusst die fiesen Symptome; blocked noses disturbing sleep, sneezing fits, itchy eyes and watery snot that never seems to stop running in the summer months.

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Hay fever is an allergic response to otherwise harmless pollen particles entering the body. The body thinks that the pollen is a dangerous substance, and so reacts by releasing histamines which cause those pesky symptoms. For some kids, the symptoms are mild and for others they can be truly debilitating -studies have shown that hay fever symptoms can even cause kids to drop a grade at exam time [1].

Wir sind seit mehr als einem Jahrzehnt für Eltern und Kinder hören, and one question which keeps popping up in store and online is, 'Ist es geeignet für Kinder?"Um es super einfach für Eltern und Kinder HayMax als perfekte Pollen Blocker zu erkennen, wir haben nur etwas für Kinder geschaffen! Wir haben etwas Spaß entworfen, superhero themed packaging which both boys and girls of all ages will love. They can even take it to school and self-administer.

The simple allergen barrier balm has been proven to trap over a third of pollen before it enters the body [2] , sowie Hausstaubmilben und Tierallergene - netter Bonus!

Denise Ahmed is a fan! "Ich wende jetzt den Balsam jede Nacht, which has been extremely useful to Yahya. Auch und eine glückliche Mama und Papa - Es hat sich in einem ruhigen Schlaf und einem Kind glücklich geführt!

The balm is very easy to use; I just wipe a small amount around the rim of both his nostrils with my little finger. And it pretty much starts to work instantly. As well as applying it every night before bed, I have started introducing it during the day too, vor allem, wenn wir gehen aus. You only need a tiny amount each time, so although it is a small pot, I consider it very economical as it goes a long way.

Es ist ein kleiner Preis zu zahlen, as Yahya is able to sleep soundly at night and we have our happy little toddler back. I would recommend HayMax to any parent; anyone in fact. Es ist ein großartiges Produkt, um zu versuchen, bevor das Medikament Route zu erkunden. "

You see, avoiding the allergen is the most important part of any allergy management plan! Wenn es weniger allergen (BlĂĽtenstaub, dust mite, pet dander) in the body, then that means less allergens which might trigger a nasty reaction. Es ist wirklich einfach!

As well as using HayMax Kids, there are lots of simple, practical actions which can be helpful. Here are our favourite tips from parents, kids, Allergy UK and personal experience.

Wenn Sie möchten, HayMax Kinder versuchen, you can find it at larger Boots, all Holland & Barrett stores, independent pharmacies, healthstores and online.

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[1] Hayfever and exam performance Study summary, Juni 2007, ALL/07-009, The Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology.

[2] Chefermittler: Professor Roy Kennedy, Principal Investigator: Louise Robertson, Forscher: Dr. Mary Lewis, Nationale und Pollen Aerobiology Research Unit, 1st Februar 2012.