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Grazax provides relief from grass pollen allergy symptoms

A new hayfever drug could help those with severe fiebre del heno misery. Grazax uses a polen de gramĂ­neas extract to gradually increase tolerance to polen de gramĂ­neas.

Grazax immunotherapy tablets give long-term relief from grass pollen allergy symptoms according to a medical study conducted by the Section of Allergy and Clinical Immunology at Imperial College London.

grazax tablets

A five year clinical trial involving more than 200 sufren la fiebre del heno measured los sĂ­ntomas de alergia including days of severe symptoms, quality of life and safety. The conclusion of the research is that Grazax is a safe and effective immunotherapy treatment for grass pollen allergy.

Inmunoterapia can provide sufferers with years of relief from allergy symptoms. Hayfever symptoms include runny nose, picazĂłn en los ojos, estornudar, itchy throat and face, lethargy.

To be effective Grazax needs to be taken four months before the onset of sĂ­ntomas for a period of three years. Grazax is not likely to be available to sufren la fiebre del heno in the UK on the NHS for at least several years. Pharmaceutical company Merck is expected to register Grazax for use in America in 2013.

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