Hay Fever impacts lives of South Africans, study finds

Hay Fever impacts lives of South Africans, study finds

A survey of almost 2000 South Africans with hay fever found that symptoms of nasal allergies are often severe enough to impair overall quality of life, affecting 
mood, performance at work and romantic relationships.

More than half of respondents felt that troublesome symptoms, such as sneezing and a persistently itchy and runny nose – usually accompanied by sinus pain and headaches – significantly influenced their mood, making them more impatient with others.

At least one in 10 of those involved in a romantic relationship felt that their allergy symptoms get in the way of romance while 25% felt less attractive or sexy. About 20% said it impacted negatively on their self-esteem

Of those who were employed, two out of 10 said their allergy symptoms considerably reduced their productivity at work and 7% felt it even impaired their driving performance.

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*2009 study by National Pollen and Aerobiology Research Unit (NPARU) at the Univeristy of Worcester

2012 NPARU study shows HayMax traps pet dander and house dust mite too