La fiebre del heno arruinar su juego?

La fiebre del heno arruinar su juego?

By John at Eye Wear Accessories

You may have seen some of my ‘hay fever sunglasses’ en una entrada de blog HayMax año pasado, llamados '6 estilo Fiebre del Heno Vasos que suponen un aporte contra el polen’ (leer aquí). La entrada en el blog era tan popular entre los lectores HayMax, that I was asked to contribute my own post for 2016!

The summer season with its long daylight hours is the perfect time to get out and enjoy your favourite sport. Many of us like to get out before or after work for a run, horse ride, a cycle ride, or a game of golf or tennis. Unfortunately morning and early evening are also the times at which the pollen count are often at their highest.

For a hay fever sufferer, this means itchy eyes and a constantly running or blocked up nose – symptoms that not only ruin your enjoyment of sport but affect your performance.

por suerte, there are two effective, drug-free self-help remedies for keeping the pollen out of your eyes and nose.

You can get special hay fever sunglasses from Eyewear Accessories in the UK that act as a barrier to reduce the amount of pollen reaching your eyes. These are like wraparound sunglasses with the addition of a removable gasket that sits around your eye sockets.

Here are a few examples of our glasses in action:

7eye Viento cycling sunglasses Cape windproof cycling glassesAirShield golf sunglasses

You can also spread HayMax balm around the outside of your eye sockets and nose and this will also act as a barrier to trap pollen before it enters your body to create allergic reactions.


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