Hayfever season still going strong for some sufferers

Hayfever season still going strong for some sufferers

You may think that the febbre da fieno stagione is over but unfortunately for some febbre da fieno malati who are prone, weed pollen is still around until October.

This means that some sufferers will have an extended hayfever season where they will continue to experience febbre da fieno sintomi sneezing, naso che cola, prurito agli occhi, face and throat until well into Autumn.

But instead of reaching for the antistaminici, why not try a natural alternative? HayMax pollen barrier nose balm is a great natural way to try to help with your hayfever.

Simply wipe a small amount of HayMax under your nose and around your eyes.

It traps pollen before you react. Depending on your sensitivity level to pollen this can either stop or curb some or all of your reaction to pollen and your febbre da fieno sintomi.

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