Høje pollental årsager lider for mennesker med pollenallergi

UK høfeber syge have been having a bad time with høfeber recently as the tree pollen count has risen dramatically.

Overseas hay fever sufferers are finding things even worse. Den pollental in the South and Midwest USA has reached record highs and høfeber syge in these areas are experiencing moderate to severe hay fever symptoms as a result of the effect of pollen. Knoxville, Tennessee is thought to be the worst place affected by høfeber, based on pollen counts and sales of høfeber medicin.

People with høfeber who are thinking of emigrating, planning a holiday abroad, or a holiday in a different area of their own country may want to consider that their høfebersymptomer could become worse, or indeed better, depending on where they go.

Den høfebersymptomer experienced will depend on the type of pollen the sufferer is affected by and the strength of this pollen in the area that they visit or move to. In the Tokyo area many people are allergic to the Japenese Cedar which produces pollen from late February to early April.

Even if you have never suffered from hay fever or experienced høfebersymptomer, you might find that in a different environment, where you are exposed to new allergens og types of pollen, at symptoms of hay fever start to manifest. Eller, your previous høfebersymptomer may disappear altogether.

Hayfever symptoms, eller symptoms of hay fever omfatte: kløende øjne,næse, throat and skin, løbende næse, blocked nose, nysen, red or swollen eyes, lethargy, tight chest and throat.

Treatment for Rhinitis: how can I help to alleviate my hay fever symptoms?

For hayfever sufferers experiencing mild to moderate symptoms, there is a choice of many hay fever products both over the counter and by prescription. You could also (or instead) try a dietary change. Have a look at our høfeber guide for many ways of dealing with hay fever.

Options for hay fever sufferers with mild to moderate hay fever symptoms omfatte: eye drops, antihistamin tablets, steroid næsespray, homeopathic nasal spray, den HayMax pollen barrier balm, which has been proven to trap up to 30% of pollen before it enters your system, and the Qu Chi Acupressure Band, which works by targeting the Qu Chi pressure point on your body that is linked to the front of the face and the sinuses, just underneath your elbow joint, til limit your reaction to pollen. Both HayMax and Qu-Chi are non-drowsy and natural ways of tackling hay fever, making them ideal for those with hay fever in pregnancy, or children with hay fever. You can order HayMax online here or call us on 01525 406 600 for more information or to order by phone.

Dietary tweaks could include extract of marshmallow, bromelain and quercetin, or foods where they are found naturally and local honey for hay fever, if you are staying in your local area.

Hayfever sufferers experiencing severe and debilitating hayfever symtoms can ask for a referral to a specialist. This is when you will start to have access to hay fever therapies such as immunotherapy, hvor pollen in put into the body to build up the body’s resistance to pollen and to more expensive and effective drugs not widely prescribed by your GP.