iPhone App – Pollen Alert may help hayfever sufferers

Are you an iphone user? And a hayfever sufferer too? Great news – apple has a new app especially for you.

The new Pollen Alert application gives a daily pollen forecast, helping users to monitor pollen levels in specific areas of the country. The app is available from the Apple iTunes store.

It might be a god-send to millions of iphone users who have been unfortunate enough to fall victim to a particularly hefty hayfever season this year. Pollen counts have regularly been ‘high’ or ‘very high’ this season which has meant misery for many hayfever sufferers.


Hayfever symptoms include sneezing, runny nose, itchy nose, watery eyes, swollen eyes, itchy eyes, itchy throat and face.

HayMaxTM pollen barrier nose balm could help – just wipe a bit of HayMaxTM in your chosen variety (lavender, aloe-vera, unfragranced or frankincense) under your nose and around your eyes to trap the pollen before it gets into your system and makes you react. Genius!