Japan gadget wizards conjure hay-fever hoods

Japan gadget wizards conjure hay-fever hoods

We’ve stumbled across this. The’ USB Pollen Blocker’ by Thanko, a small electronics company based in Tokyo.  The hood (akin to a yellow hazmat hood) contains a duo strength setting USB powered filter in the baseball cap style brim, which ensures pollen free head space – as long as the battery lasts. Won’t it steam up? Of course not! The hood has been designed with ‘ingenuity almost of a space suit’, a built in fan keeps air moving and the 130 x 158mm visor screen clear.

japanse pollen hood

Thanko are responsible for innumerable useful gadgets, such as the ‘USB Necktie 3’ featuring a hidden collar fan for sticky summer days and transparent computer mice containing preserved tarantulas. 

The ‘USB Pollen Blocker’ hood will set you back a mere £23.94 and should be available soon from Japan Trend Shop.

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Visit Thanko here to check out the full range of creative technology solutions.

Instructions for use. In Japanese (but easy to follow).