Light therapy could be effective way to tackle hayfever symptoms

Recent research has shown that intranasal light therapy could be a very effective way for hayfever sufferers to tackle their hayfever symptoms. It could even work well for people who do not respond well to antistaminici, as well as people with other allergic conidtions.

There are several light therapies on the market including the Lumie Haylight, il Sneeze Fascio and a device sold by Lloyds Pharmacy. A tube is placed inside each nostril emitting up to two types of red light directly onto the membranes inside the nose. This is said to reduce histamine production.

Loro claim to provide safe, fast-acting relief to hay fever sufferers, whose symptoms may include streaming noses, sneezing and irritable eyes throat and face.

So it could be another alternative to medication for hay fever, compresi antihistamine tablets for hay fever which work by reducing the effects of istamina on the body.

Used in conjunction with HayMax pollen barrier nose balm for hay fever the results could be two-fold. And as both are droga libera they are suitable for anyone looking for something for hayfever while pregnant, or while breast-feeding.

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