Etwaige Strafverfolgung wegen Heuschnupfen-Kranken

Hayfever sufferers who drive while taking medication for hayfever – entweder verschreibungspflichtige Medikamente oder over the counter Heilmittel könnte mit Strafen fĂĽr Drogen drving.

Die Warnung kommt von der nationalen Kfz-Versicherer Swinton. Laut einer aktuellen Umfrage 19% of its customers claimed that they would happily drive while taking medication regardless of any warnings on the packet.


Under the Road Traffic Act (RTA), which does not differentiate between prescription drugs or over the counter remedies and illegal drugs, driving while under the influence of drugs – including prescription drugs such as those for hayfever, einschlieĂźlich antihistamine tablets und steriod nasal spray, can lead to penalties of a minimum one year driving ban or a fine of up to £5000.

Commenting on the story, Dr Chris Steele, resident doctor from ITV’s This Morning, who loves HayMax and has featured it during his resident spots on This Morning as well as on several radio shows, said:

Already this year we’ve seen record numbers of people coming in to the surgery suffering from Heuschnupfen. Many people are not aware of the strength of some hay fever medicines and the side effects they can have including drowsiness, dizziness and confusion. I would strongly recommend that if taking any medicines you should read the instructions and warnings very carefully and be extra vigilant about driving or operating any machinery.

He contunied:
Some people even take a cocktail of different medications to help alleviate their hay fever symptoms. This could react with prescription treatment you take from your doctor, so ask your pharmacist about all the medicines you’re taking i.e. over the counter and prescription medication.

Worryingly, the survey – von 1,500 Swinton customers – also found that 23% of motorists did not read the warnings on hay fever medicines and 18% of motorists admitted to drinking alcohol while taking hay fever drugs and then driving to work the next morning.

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