Yaourt pourrait être la réponse à vos problèmes de rhume des foins!

Yaourt pourrait être la réponse à vos problèmes de rhume des foins!

Pas, vraiment! – A team led by an allergy expert at the University of East Anglia did a pilot study on a small group of personnes souffrant du rhume des foins.

They found that yoghurt seemed to help. They think this is becuase a bacteria in yoghurt stops the immune system from over reacting to pollen which is what causes the nasty associated symptoms of hayfever y compris Ă©ternuements, nez qui coule, itchy eyes face and throat.

So potentially great news for personnes souffrant du rhume des foins – it could be an affordable way to curb your hayfever symptoms.

It’s also soothing – if you have itchy throat associated with hayfever then a bowl of yoghurt might be calming.

User trials in 2004 and independent research in 2009 montrer HayMax works really well – read more about the research on our website ici.

You can try HayMax as a mix and match alongside other ways of tackling hayfever symptoms for optimum results.

HayMaxTM Aloe Vera contains high quality Aloe Vera leaf juice powder which has soothing and skin repair properties, which might just help with that sore nose as well as trapping the pollen. Le Lavande contained in HayMaxTM Lavender has been used for centuries for its calming properties. Why not keep a pot by the bed to stop the pollen and maybe help you to sleep at night, aussi?

Read more about the different varieties of HayMax ici.