Fuera del Reino Unido?

A big hello to our HayMax customers from around the world!

We are really happy that you have made it this far, so we want to make it as easy as possible for you to order our HayMax Organic, Drug-free Allergen Barrier Balms.

You can order from our shop here and we will charge you the same flat rate shipping as our UK customers (GBP £ 3.50) Go to the online shop.

Alternatively, you can phone or email your local distributor for information on where to find HayMax in a shop near you.

EE.UU.: línea de la orden de llamada gratuita: 800-548-3824 / lotuslight@lotuspress.com

almacenistas en línea EE.UU.:

Islandia: tal. +354 861 4041 / olof@icecare.is

Rumania: +40 724 044 414 / office@aquapublis.com

Suomi (Finlandia): +358 400 693 232 / taneli@luonnonkosmetiikantukku.fi

Canadá: sin cargo 1-877-263-7330 / info@clmhealth.com

Nueva Zelanda: 0508 734 466 / info@regional.co.nz

If you are interested in becoming an international distributor, email max@haymax.biz or call +44 1525 406600 para más información.