hayfever? Q and HayMax Are Here to Help…

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If you want to have a look around our website please go ahead! You should find everything you want to know about organic, drug-free HayMax™ pollen barrier balms.

The UK’s authority on pollen, NPARU at Worcester University, have completed 2 studies on HayMax™ which prove that it traps over a third of the pollen going up your nose, and also that it traps house dust mite and pet dander. If you reduce the pollen going into your body by a third, that could be the equivalent of going from a high pollen count to a medium. As one of the many GP’s who regularly write about HayMax™ said “….reduce your personal pollen count.” See what other users of HayMax think on our tĂ©moignages Page.

While you’re here, you could check out the Guide de rhume des foins you’ll see lots of different ways to help with your hay fever.