Is it safe for young ones  (with asthma and eczema)?

We cannot say that it is completely safe –  it is against European guidelines to do so and nothing is completely safe. All individuals react differently to different things so even knowing and understanding your child’s medical history one cannot guarantee they won’t react to something.

However, HayMax and all HayMax ingredients are all Soil Association Certified Organic.

So there should be nothing in HayMax to harm your child – they should be fine. After consultation with Allergy UK concerning this aspect, we are advised that it is possible for perfumes to cause a problem with children – it can cause them to become allergic to these perfumes later in life. Se we recommend that children use HayMax Original and avoid the versions with fragrant essential oils like Lavender.

Obviously one has to be careful with little ones and you should always seek a doctor’s opinion about a medical condition.

Many children have used HayMax and I am not aware of any serious adverse effects.  Follow the instructions only using a small amount of balm and it is extremely unlikely you will experience any problems.

We hope this answer helps, but do call or email if you want any more information.

Also, visit our ‘Children & Hay Fever’ page.

Is it OK for pregnant women or breast feeding women?

We have consulted with qualified aromatherapists to confirm that all versions of HayMax are suitable for pregnant and breast feeding women.

HayMax and all its ingredients (various seed oils, essential oils, Aloe Vera, and beeswax) are all Soil Association Certified Organic.

So there should be nothing in HayMax to harm you – so you should be fine.

Obviously one has to be careful when pregnant and you should always seek a doctor’s opinion about a medical condition.

Many pregnant women have bought HayMax and we are not aware of any adverse effects. In fact, they have told us how helpful it is – check out their comments in our testimonials pages.

Visit our ‘Pregnancy & Hay Fever’ page.

Which one should I get?

It doesn’t matter – they all work the same.  The oils are only added to give a different fragrance.  They only smell when you put it on then the smell goes away.  The Original version has no added essential oils whatsoever. The Aloe Vera has no scent and is added for it’s known soothing and skin repair properties – ideal for a sore nose.

(If you look up their claimed properties in Julia Lawless’s encyclopaedia, it will tell you that both these oils are good for Asthma, and Lavender is good for skin issues like dermatitis etc.)

How does it work?

HayMax traps the pollen, dust or pet allergen before it enters the body. If the allergen is not in your body, then your body doesn’t have to react. It’s that simple.

It’s a prevention rather than a cure – stop the problem before it happens.

However, there are no guarantees – we are all different and we all react in different ways to different things. It might not work for you.  However, out of hundreds of thousands sold, we are only aware of around dozen people for whom it doesn’t work. And loads for whom it works really well.  So the odds are that it will work for you.

Will it work on my eyes?

There are two possible reasons why your eyes are sore.  One might be because the pollen is entering your body and part of the way your body reacts is making your eyes sore.  If this is the case, then HayMax can help, because it stops the pollen getting into your body.  The second reason might be that the pollen is actually hitting your eyeballs and causing the irritation directly.  If this is the case, then you can put HayMax around the eyes and wear shades, and this can help – it’s certainly quite soothing.

We always recommend care when putting anything near your eyes.

Because you put your finger in the pot it is possible that you are putting bacteria in the balm.  If this then gets in the eye it could cause problems.  So wash hands and keep the pot clean.

Isn’t it just the same as Vaseline?

It is similar to Vaseline but with some significant differences.  We have included some comments from customers to illustrate our reply below.

The first is that HayMax was specifically formulated over a period of time to be as ‘sticky’ as possible to the pollen, whilst minimising the sliminess or greasiness.

“Your product was recommended by a friend. I haven’t such clear sinuses since Adam were a lad, after using it for only a few times. I have always used Vaseline as a barrier, when gardening but Hay Max is nicer…less gloopy.”

Elaine Price

So HayMax will be invisible on your nose but will work much better than Vaseline:

“I was a little bit sceptical when I heard about HayMax. I thought it might be like Vaseline, and not work very well. HayMax is BRILLIANT!!!”

Joanne Pearson


Also, HayMax is entirely made from Soil Association Certified organic ingredients (the base formula uses sunflower oil and beeswax) and contains no petrochemicals.  Here are a few more comments from people who have compared HayMax to Vaseline:

I wasn’t sure whether HayMax would work as I had heard of people using Vaseline in the same way with very poor results but I thought I would give it a try as my hay fever has been quite bad this year. I am pleased to say that in the month or so that I have been using HayMax I have hardly sneezed and not had the horrible tickly nose and itchy, runny eyes that hay fever gives me. I would highly recommend this product.

Susan Wishart

” It’s much better than vaseline – I’ve given your number to lots of people.”

Kerry Reeve

“HayMax works really well – its much better than Vaseline.  That’s why I’m ordering lots more for our whole family!  Thanks.”

Folashade Akintade, London

Is it available in my country and how much is postage?

It might be! We have distributors in Iceland, Canada, New Zealand, Netherlands and Romania. Visit our ‘International Distributors’ Page Here. However if you would rather order online, you can order from our online shop.

We will normally dispatch the same day. There is more information on shipping times in our online shop.