Allergic to your Christmas Tree? The Express online features HayMax™

Allergic to your Christmas Tree? The Express online features HayMax™

The Express online has featured HayMax™ organic allergen barrier balms as a way to help sufferers of ‘Christmas Tree Syndrome’ (CTS), an allergy to pollen and moulds released by indoor trees during the festive season.

Christmas trees harbour a range of allergens that are released into our homes. For a sufferer of CTS,  symptoms are similar to those of hay fever; runny nose, itchy eyes, lots of sneezing. Around 35 per cent of people in the UK report suffering from an increase of these symptoms around Christmas.

It seems that real trees are the most troublesome, as pollens from other plants can stick to their bark, and moulds can grow on the trunk and needles. However, artificial trees are reported to cause problems as they harbour dust during storage which is dispersed into the air upon unpacking the tree come Christmas time.

Real and artificial trees can hosed down before being brought inside to minimise loose pollen and moulds, an air purifier might also be useful, as would applying HayMax™ allergen barrier balm around the rim of the nostrils to stop airborne allergens (such as pollen)  from entering the body.

Is it a cold? Or are you allergic to your Christmas tree?

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