Dr Roger Henderson Suggests HayMax™ For Hay Fever

Dr Roger Henderson Suggests HayMax™ For Hay Fever

Yet another GP is talking about HayMax™. Dr Roger Henderson features HayMax™ on the very well respected netdoctor site – you can read the article by clicking the link net doctor. He suggests using HayMax™ as a drug-free and non drowsy way of tackling hay fever and symptoms of hayfever. HayMax™ acts as a Pollen-Blocker, trapping BlĂĽtenstaub before it enters the body and causes a reaction.

So many people have told us that HayMax™ hat helped with their Heuschnupfen. Richard said:

“Gekauft einen Topf, um zu sehen, ob es funktioniert wirklich, während wir an der Allergie waren Show in diesem Jahr. It really does work and it has made a massive difference to my 10 year old son. We arent needing to dose him up on Antihistamine and had a day in the park yesterday with no problems at all! Well done and thank you.”

You can buy HayMax™ at our Online-Shop, or by contacting us direct.

HayMax™ for hayfever