l'espresso – HayMax™ one of the best ways to combat Hayfever

l'espresso – HayMax™ one of the best ways to combat Hayfever

The Express say that :

Il Regno Unito ha uno dei piĂą alti tassi di febbre da fieno e piĂą di noi che mai stanno soffrendo. “There has been a fourfold increase in allergies since the Fifties without any real changes in pollen exposure,” says Dr Samantha Walker, di asma Regno Unito.

Although it’s not clear why, theories include dietary changes, an increase in air pollutants and over-sterilised environments which don’t give our immune system a chance to learn which factors are harmful or harmless.

Traditionally young people have been more likely to have hay fever: 38 per cent of UK teenagers are sufferers compared with a quarter of the general population. There are signs this is changing. We may be getting hay fever for the first time in middle-age or perhaps later, according to the National Pollen and Aerobiology Research Unit at the University of Worcester.

In their review of the best ways to combat the condition they say:


A growing number of nasal balms are now available which are applied to the base of the nostrils to help trap pollen before it can enter the respiratory system. Most claim to be particularly good for children.

Among them and made from beeswax is HayMax Pure Pollen Barrier Balm

Per saperne di piĂą: http://www.express.co.uk/posts/view/238720/Put-the-squeeze-on-the-big-sneezePut-the-squeeze-on-the-big-sneeze#ixzz1J9n1uw50