HayMax™ featured in Icelandic press

HayMax™ featured in Icelandic press

Haymana ™ is making news across the world as it features in Icelandic press, shown below.

The HayMax distributor in Iceland has been busy! You might have thought Høfeber would not be a problem in Iceland but this is the second year that HayMax has been sold there and they seem to like it.

Meanwhile, i UK, heavy rainfall has created optimum conditions for pollen production and for the pollen to spread. Den UK pollen count has recently been moderat in many places. As soon as the sun comes out (if it ever does) expect the pollental to rise quickly.

Hayfever symptoms omfatte nysen, løbende næse, watery and itchy eyes, red bloodshot and swollen eyes, an itchy face, neck and throat.

Haymana ™ is a natural help for hayfever. The invisible balm is applied under and around the rim of the nose to trap pollen before you react. Mindre pollen, mindre reaktion.

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