HayMax™ featured in Kindred Spirit magazine

HayMax™ featured in Kindred Spirit magazine

HayMax™ featured in Kindred Spirit magazine

HayMax™ features in Kindred Spirit magazine as a natural way to help with hay fever.

Under the headline ‘Winning by a Nose’, the article explains that HayMax™ est 100% organique, as certified by the Soil Association and a completely natural way to help with hay fever.

Applying HayMax™, an invisible balm, under and around the rim of the nose traps more than a third of grass and tree pollen that would otherwise enter your body through your nose. This has been proven by two studies carried out at the UnitĂ© de recherche Aerobiology Pollen nationale et at the University of Worcester.

Trapping pollen means you could suffer less from the common symptoms of hay fever: éternuements, nez qui coule, picotement des yeux, red or swollen eyes, démangeaisons visage et de la gorge, blocked nose. Moins pollen, moins éternuements.

People who have used HayMax™ have told us that it has helped, often dramatically, with their hay fever.

“J'ai d'abord dĂ©couvert Haymax, un miracle dans un bocal, un peu plus de 4 years ago when desperately trying to help my son get through his exams while suffering from his annual bout of Hayfever. On reading the information on the product, I knew this was a product that made total sense. From the moment we used the product it did what it said it would do. I tell anyone and everyone about this product, as it relieves Hayfever suffering which can be so debilitating for the sufferers.

Many many Thanks to you Max, for your wonderful life enhancing product.

Lorraine Holden.”

Our page de tĂ©moignages showcases the positive comments we have had from many hay fever sufferers who have used HayMax™ and found it helpful for hay fever.

One pot should last you at least a season. Take advantage of our 3 pour 2 offer and sample some of the varieties of HayMax™. HayMax™ comes with essential oils of lavender and frankincense, as well as un-fragranced and un-scented (HayMax Pure ™) and un-fragranced with extract of aloe vera. Keep a pot in three handy places.

To buy HayMax™ visit our online shop, call or write to us, or buy in stores nationwide. Use our storefinder to find your local stockist.