HayMax™ featured in Wedding Ideas magazine

HayMax™ featured in Wedding Ideas magazine

HayMax™ features in Wedding Ideas magazine under the headline ‘Goodbye to Hay Fever’.

HayMax™ is a drug free organic pollen barrière balm that is applied under and around the rim of the nose to stop pollen entering the body: moins de pollen, moins Ă©ternuements!

This means it’s suitable to use to help with hayfever during pregnancy or while breastfeeding and it’s safe for children and teenagers taking exams.

HayMax™ is not a treatment for hay fever but it can help. Symptoms of hay fever inclure yeux du rhume des foins, a hay fever cough, respiration sifflante, difficult breathing, lethargy, picotement des yeux, dĂ©mangeaisons visage et de la gorge, Ă©ternuements et un Ă©coulement nasal.

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