HayMax™ featured in Women’s Fitness magazine

HayMax™ featured in Women’s Fitness magazine

HayMax™ features in Women’s Fitness, a magazine for women who work out.

Beating the effects of pollen from your hayfever allergy is difficult when you exercise outdoors. Avoiding being outside at peak pollen times or exercising indoors isn’t always practical. What you can do is wear sunglasses and a nasal balm, like HayMax™, both of which act as a barrier to pollen.

HayMax™ isn’t a treatment for rhinitis or a hayfever cure but it can help. Apply the balm around your nostrils to trap pollen before it enters your nose.

You may still experience symptoms of hay fever like hay fever eyes, a hay fever cough and sneezing or post nasal drip (runny nose) but hopefully these will be less frequent and severe than without the barrier balm. Two independent studies show that HayMax™ traps significantly more pollen than an un-coated nostril.

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