HayMax ™ apareció en la revista de fitness de la Mujer

HayMax ™ apareció en la revista de fitness de la Mujer

HayMax™ features in Women’s Fitness, una revista para mujeres que trabajan fuera.

Beating the effects of pollen from your fiebre del heno alergia is difficult when you exercise outdoors. Evitar estar al aire libre en las horas punta de polen o hacer ejercicio en el interior no siempre es práctico. What you can do is wear sunglasses and a nasal balm, como HayMax ™, both of which act as a barrier to pollen.

HayMax™ isn’t a el tratamiento de la rinitis or a fiebre del heno cura but it can help. Apply the balm around your nostrils to trap pollen before it enters your nose.

You may still experience symptoms of hay fever como ojos fiebre del heno, un tos fiebre del heno and sneezing or post nasal drip (nariz que moquea) but hopefully these will be less frequent and severe than without the barrier balm. Two independent studies show that HayMax™ traps significantly more pollen than an un-coated nostril.

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