HayMax ™ vist på norsk tv

HayMax ™ vist på norsk tv

HayMax™ on Norwegian television

Haymana ™ is making an impact across the globe! Haymana ™ has been introduced to Norwegian viewers by the presenters of a daily morning magazine show.

You can watch Haymana ™ on channel tv2 by clicking on the link. (Once the ads are over, go to 5 min 30 seconds and 7 mins to see the parts where Haymana ™ is featured best).

Haymana ™ is a natural way to help with hayfever. Applying the invisible balm under and around the rim of the nostrils traps pollen before it makes you react.

Hayfever symptoms include nysen, løbende næse, blocked nose, sore throat, itchy and painful eyes, røde og hævede øjne, itchy face.

Check the daily pollen forecast on our homepage.