HayMax™ features in the Bedfordshire Times and Citizen

HayMax™ features in the Bedfordshire Times and Citizen

HayMax in the Bedfordshire Times and Citizen

HayMax™ features in the Bedfordshire Times and Citizen under the headline ‘Balm a barrier to hayfever’. The article mentions the 2012 and 2009 studies by NPARU that show HayMax™ traps more than a third of pollen and significantly more than an un-coated nostril.

If you are allergic to pollen or have pollen allergies then HayMax™ could be the thing for you. A pollen barrier balm that traps pollen before it gets inside your body and makes you react, HayMax™ is completely natural, organic and drug-free so it’s suitable for using if you have hayfever when pregnant including hay fever eyes and other hayfever symptoms.

HayMax™ is not a treatment for rhinitis but it aims to stop the cause of the rhinitis. If HayMax™ traps enough pollen to take you below or near to your sensitivity level then you may experience significantly less reaction than usual, or even no symptoms at all.

HayMax™ is widely available to buy in shops, at our online shop and you can order direct from us too using the contact information on our homepage. If you are interested in finding some new things to try for hayfever you could take a look at our online hay fever guide which aims to give you many ways of tackling the suffering caused by hay fever be it a dietary change, a complimentary therapy or using conventional medication for hayfever.