HayMax is ingenious way of tackling hayfever

HayMax is ingenious way of tackling hayfever

HayMax has featured in Natural Lifestyle magazine as an ingenious way to tackle the symptoms of hayfever.

Max gave the low-down on hayfever facts to Natural Lifestyle magazine. He spoke to them about the hayfever season and the signs of hayfever, common symptoms of hayfever and hayfever in children and young people.

He outlined the conventional, or allopathic ways of treating hayfever – using medicines including anti-histamines for hayfever and steroid nasal sprays. And also where natural anti-histamines (quercetin) were to be found, in apples and red onions, and bromelain which helps the body to absorb quercetin.

He also told them about how he developed HayMax starting with a simple formula and adapting it until he was satisfied it smelled good, was not greasy and still worked.

Natural Lifestyle is a national magazine which provides a guide to natural products, remedies and diet.

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