HayMax™ research published on respected allergy site Foods Matter

HayMax™ research published on respected allergy site Foods Matter

A second study about HayMax by the National Pollen and Aerobiology Research Unit (NPARU) i 2012 showed that HayMax™ traps cats dander and house dust mite SĂĄ godt som grass, tree and weed pollen. You can read more about the study and other product trials on our website her.

The respected website Foods Matter explores complimentary approaches to allergier. The website features this second NPARU study about Haymana ™ in its latest news section. Haymana ™ is an ideal thing to use to help if you have pollenallergi, eller allergies to pollen, or if you’re allergic to pollen.

If you do suffer from høfeber then you’ll be familiar with the things that come along with it: a hay fever cough, høfeber øjne and other unwanted allergisymptomer. This is where Haymana ™ can help. Haymana ™ tackles the ĂĄrsag til høfeber: by trapping pollen it helps you to have less of a reaction as there’s less pollen inside your body to make you sneeze or be itchy.

It works in the same way as a natural hayfever spray or another blocker like Vaseline – but it’s much more pleasant to use than Vaseline: far less greasy and it smells nice too! A natural hayfever spray forms a barrier to pollen and so does Haymana ™, though it’s slightly less invasive as you use Haymana ™ on your skin and not in your nose.

Haymana ™ is not a behandling af rhinitis but it can help block the root ĂĄrsag til høfeber (pollen) from getting to you as much and therefore hopefully you will find that your reaction is significantly lessened. A recent NPARU trial found that Haymana ™ traps more than a third of pollen: this could take a sufferer from the equivalent of being in a high pollental to the equivalent of being in a moderate pollental. That could be a significant improvement for many people with høfeber.