The Lady loves HayMax™!

The Lady loves HayMax™!

HayMax™ Pure is featured in the May 2012 edition of The Lady magazine in their ‘the lady loves’ feature.

HayMax™ Pure is the unscented version of HayMax™ pollen barrier balm. Many hay fever sufferers people have told us that HayMax™ is a good way to help with hayfever because it has helped them with their sintomi di allergia.

Hayfever symptoms can include starnuti, naso che cola, stuffy nose, itchy skin on the face e gola, prurito agli occhi, red or swollen eyes, un bloated face, puffy eyes e associated lethargy.

HayMax™, an award-winning organic pollen barrier balm is applied under the nose and around the rim of the nostril. A study the National Pollen and Aerobiology Research Unit (NPARU) at the University of Worcester shows that HayMax™ traps up to a third of polline entering the nose. A later study found that HayMax™ also traps the two common allergens house dust mite and cat dander.

Non-greasy, pleasant smelling and invisible, HayMax™ is a natural, drug-free way to aiutare con la febbre da fieno, a dust or pet allergy.

HayMax™ is available in three fragrances and unscented. HayMax Lavender™ smells lovely. Essential oil of lavender has calming, relaxing and insect-repelling properties. HayMax Frankinsence™ has a stimulating smell. Franksinsence is thought to have antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. HayMax Aloe Vera™ contains extracts of soothing, cooling aloe vera, also used to help with dry, itchy skin.

More information about hayfever and how to handle it is available in our guida per il raffreddore da fieno. To buy HayMax™ you could visit our negozio on-line, review our stockist list, call or write to us.