Samantha Dickson Brain Tumour Trust – Ampthill Calendar Girls

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Karen and the ladies have raised over £ 21,500.

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Stori Ben

My little boy Ben was diagnosed with a brain tumour 2 flynyddoedd yn Ă´l. He was rushed to Addenbrookes and had an operation to remove part of the tumour. Ni all y tiwmor sy'n weddill yn cael ei symud felly rydym yn aros i weld sut mae'n ymddwyn gobeithio na fydd yn tyfu ymhellach.

My family and friends have been very supportive and come together to raise money for the Samantha Dickson Trust, the charity that have helped us through the past 2 mlynedd yn rhoi'r cymorth mawr ei angen i ni ac maent yn wastad ar ben arall y ffôn. They are the largest brain tumour charity in Britain raising funds for the much needed research into making this disease more treatable and they focus on raising awareness of the importance of early detection and diagnosis for parents and medical professionals.

However our family and friends who have given us a wealth of love and support to raise money for the Samantha Dickson Trust and we feel very lucky that the mums of Ampthill have taken so much time and effort making this calender happen. So a huge thankyou to everyone for helping to make a difference to so many affected by this disease.

Mam Ben, Karen x