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More middle aged hayfever sufferers

More middle aged hayfever sufferers

The number of hay fever sufferers is expected to rise to over 13 million by the end of the decade, including many more middle-aged people who are increasingly likely to be affected, say experts at leading UK institutions. People with hayfever, also known as allergic rhinitis suffer an allergic reaction to pollen, causing a range […]

Horrible hayfever season so far

There are a number of theories about why hayfever seems to be affecting more people, including environmental changes and modern lifestyle. And with soaring pollen counts it’s easy to see why we care so much. This years’ increased hay fever season has meant misery for many who suffer from incessant sneezing, nariz que moquea, watery and […]

Aumento del número de enfermos de fiebre del heno relacionados con el cambio climático

The number of hay fever sufferers is set to increase even more this year due to climate change. Es probable que los nĂşmeros seguirán aumentando a medida que el cambio climático modifica la estructura tradicional del medio ambiente. Sufferers have also reported more serious and long-standing hayfever symptoms this year, as well as a number of new sufferers […]