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GRAZAX® Tabletten

GRAZAX® liefert Entlastung von Gräserpollen-Allergie-Symptome

Ein neues Medikament könnte hayfever Menschen mit schweren Heuschnupfen Elend helfen. Grazax uses a grass pollen extract to gradually increase tolerance to grass pollen. Grazax immunotherapy tablets give long-term relief from grass pollen allergy symptoms according to a medical study conducted by the Section of Allergy and Clinical Immunology at Imperial College London. Ein fünf […]

HayMax is ingenious way of tackling hayfever

HayMax is ingenious way of tackling hayfever

HayMax has featured in Natural Lifestyle magazine as an ingenious way to tackle the symptoms of hayfever. Max gave the low-down on hayfever facts to Natural Lifestyle magazine. He spoke to them about the hayfever season and the signs of hayfever, common symptoms of hayfever and hayfever in children and young people. He outlined the conventional, […]