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High pollen count causes suffering for people with pollen allergies

UK hayfever sufferers have been having a bad time with hayfever recently as the tree pollen count has risen dramatically. Overseas hay fever sufferers are finding things even worse. The pollen count in the South and Midwest USA has reached record highs and hay fever sufferers in these areas are experiencing moderate to severe hay fever symptoms […]

Celebridades como Bon Jovi sufren de fiebre del heno también!

Did you know? – A number of celebrities share the misery of hayfever – incluyendo Jon Bon Jovi y Eastenders estrella Jack Ryder. Bon Jovi reportedly had to get a steroid injection to stem his hayfever before playing an open air concert in England one summer. Guns and Roses Bass player Tommy Stinson also suffers from […]

Medicamentos Fiebre del Heno significa gran caĂ­da en las marcas del examen

More bad news for hay fever sufferers reliant on anti-histamines and other hay fever medicationa study has found that taking hay fever medication could drastically affect students’ exam grades. This is because hay fever medication like antihistamines or steroid nasal spray can often have drowsy side-effects. The study by the Education for Health charity […]